Voodoo Doughnut Opening at CityWalk this Spring

When the Element store closed at Universal CityWalk, rumors started popping up that Oregon-based Voodoo Doughnut would be opening in its place. It has finally been announced that the rumor is correct and Voodoo Doughnut will be opening this Spring! There still isn’t an official opening date, but hopefully we’ll have that information soon.

If you’ve never heard of Voodoo Doughnut before, their products are extremely eccentric and delicious. Some of their menu options include the Dirt Doughnut, the Bacon Maple Bar, Grape Ape, and their Voodoo Doll doughnuts. This is going to be the hotspot for breakfast and snacks at Universal CityWalk for a long time. If you’re based on the west coast, check out Voodoo Doughnut at Universal CityWalk Hollywood!

Voodoo Doughnut will open this spring at Universal CityWalk, Universal Orlando Resort’s entertainment and dining complex. Loved for its sinfully delicious, delightfully weird lineup of fried creations, Voodoo Doughnut will feature signature originals and one-of-a-kind delectables such as the Dirt Doughnut, the Memphis Mafia, the Bacon Maple Bar, Grape Ape and, of course, Voodoo Doll doughnuts.

  • SherlockMiles

    Yeah – a friend of mine LOVE LOVE LOVES this place, and now I have a chance to try it.

  • Raymond M

    Not sure this is a good thing. I live in the west and have been to Voodoo in OR and in CA, and I must say… WAY overrated. Sure, they are whimsical, but I think the quality and flavor of the donuts are more based on an avid cult following than a truly good donut. But, this seems to be the trend for Disney Springs… putting in more flash and less substance. We also have The Edison in the west, and the food is just meh. So, now DS has The Edison, Voodoo, and Planet Hollywood. Trendy garbage eateries.

    • Megan

      May want to read the details again. This is going into Universal’s CityWalk, not Disney Springs. But agreed, these doughnuts look designed to be over-the-top just for the sake of being over-the-top.

      • Raymond M

        Oh you are right. I guess my mind superimposed DS over CityWalk as I read. That makes sense since there is one a CW over here in CA.

  • evelynnutting

    I went to Oregon to try these donuts and they were awful…no taste and a extremely heavy piece of dough……

  • Mike Namez

    Hopefully they have decent coffee. Theres basically no where in Universal/City Walk that has any.