Volcano Bay ‘Water Theme Park’ announced for Universal Orlando in 2017

It’s official. Volcano Bay has been announced for Universal Orlando Resort, but the plans are a bit different than previously expected. In the official press release for Volcano Bay, Universal is describing the new experience as a ‘water theme park’. Universal goes on to describe Volcano Bay as “a place for the entire family. It will be a whole new generation of experience that reimagines what it means to be a water park.”

Universal also describes Volcano Bay as having “radically innovative, thrilling attractions” mixed with “peaceful moments of relaxation” in an “inspired guest experience that will forever change the perception of water theme parks.” The highly themed, immersive environment will be located just south of Cabana Bay Beach Resort as previously reported. The “postcard-perfect tropical islands” water theme park will be opening in 2017 as the third gate experience on Universal Orlando property along with Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.



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  • Will Lopez

    Seems to me that Universal is trying to compete directly with Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. THEY WILL FAIL!!!!!!!!

    • bobbafett666ta

      Fail.???? Did diagon ally fail? Or anything in the wizarding world fail? Universal in 2014 up 17% in attendance. More then all 4 parks combined. I think they will do a great job with this new “park”

      • Jen D

        It’s a great showing for Universal, and I think Will is wrong, This is going to be a fantastic theme park. I’m hoping they go the way of discovery cove combined with extreme water rides. But keep in mind, though it’s up 17%, either park still has fewer visitors than hollywood studios, and considering how sad hollywood studios is right now, that’s saying a lot.

      • Manuel Whitworth

        They won’t fail. yes universal went up 17% but if you look neither one of the two parks from universal can compete even with Hollywood Studios. 10 million visitors compared to 8 million. both universal parks combined don’t do what Magic Kingdom does alone.

  • Tom Rodgers

    do you know when in 2017 it will open?