Universal’s New Hotels will be Universal’s Endless Summer Resort

We now have a name for Universal’s newest hotels! The new resort will be known as Universal’s Endless Summer Resort and it will be comprised of two hotels – Surfside Inn and Suites and Dockside Inn and Suites. The new resort will be Universal Orlando’s first Value hotel category. Yes, Cabana Bay Beach Resort and Aventura Hotel have also been sold as Value resorts, but they are actually Prime Value hotels and Endless Summer will be a Value resort meaning both hotels will offer rates as low as $73 per night.

The hotels will be operated by Loews Hotels just like all of the other hotels on property and will contain many amenities that guests have become used to like Early Park Admission and free shuttle transportation.

Universal has also revealed new details about some of the accommodations. The hotel will be made up of standard rooms and suites, like Cabana Bay Beach Resort, but 1,450 will be 2 Bedroom Suites – more than half of the rooms. The 2 Bedroom Suites sleep six people and feature two separate bedrooms, a kitchenette, a dining area, and a bathroom with a separate shower and vanity with a starting price of $111 per night.

Surfside Inn and Suites will open first in Summer 2019 with Dockside Inn and Suites opening in 2020.

  • SteveR

    Continued good news coming out of Universal Orlando! Will Universal ever win the Theme park war in central Florida, probably not, but Universal is carving out a huge notch in the theme park business in central Florida!

    Don’t kid your self, Disney is watching and are making decisions based on Universal’s continued success in central Florida.

    Who is the real winner? Its the folks who choose to vacation in Florida at either WDW or Universal/ IOA ! Both Disney and Universal get better as they battle, and its the tourist who wins!

    • WickedWood04

      I am rooting for Universal to turn on the heat on Disney and maybe Disney down the road will second guess before they start charging for such things as over night resort parking.

      • SteveR

        Agreed, I am also rooting for Universal. If Universal keep up the pace, maybe it can make Disney give more thought on how they treat their customers someday,,

      • Brian_WDW74

        I agree that competition is good. But Universal’s hotels have been charging for overnight parking for years, so this may not be the best example to use.

        • WickedWood04

          I know they are. Now there isn’t a lot of ready to pick o nbn e over the other. Disney is removing some of the value and reason to stay at there resorts over others in the area

    • Gil Long

      I totally agree. Competition is always a consumer’s best friend. Though I love both park resorts (and Seaworld) very much and have been going to Disney World since 1977, I do think Disney has a tendency to take its guests for granted. Universal has kept Disney on their toes and, when that happens, it helps us as Orlando vacationers.

      • SteveR

        Totally agree Gil, and i am also a big fan of SeaWorld, especially at Christmastime.

  • Jeff

    Not a very attractive room pictured above, does not make me want to stay at this resort at all. Blah

    • Brad Barefoot

      Then you haven’t seen the remodeled rooms at Pop Century have you. I like what I see in the photos and the Pop Century remodel. I grew up in the 1960’s … the new resort carries along well with the theme from Cabana Bay … which we love! The look of the new Universal resort really reminds me of the classy resorts frond from Maine to Florida.

      • Victor Nazarian

        Stayed at Pop a couple of months ago. The remod. is a serious and successful improvement.

  • mdsouth

    Great news! I have been in the process of planning a vacation to Disney next summer and was looking at Universal too since my daughter wants to see Harry Potter. I had planned to stay at Disney and just go to Universal for a few days but the more I have read about Disney’s price increases, I am now switching to planning at staying at Universal instead. And right now, I have dropped Disney from my plans. You are just getting less and less from Disney and the last few times I have gone, the parks have been unkept/dirty, trash etc.

  • Brad Barefoot

    I like the new resort, to me it seems they have carried forward with the theme from Cabana Bay. The Surfside to me … looks like what a early 1970 Cabana Bay redo might have looked like. Good Job Universal !