Universal Teases “Epic” Announcement This Week; Possibly New Park

It seems like the news that Universal fans have been waiting for is about to be revealed. After years of rumors, speculation and leaks, it appears that Universal could be announcing their fourth park in Orlando this Thursday, or third depending on whether or not you count Volcano Bay as a theme park. Select members of the media were sent invitations last week to attend a press conference this Thursday at the Orange County Convention Center, us not included, but now Universal has officially teased that a big announcement is on the way.

While there are plenty of announcements that Universal could make, including the attraction replacing Terminator 2: 3D and the roller coaster coming to Jurassic Park, the fact that the announcement is happening at the convention center and the wording involved pretty much points to an announcement about the next theme park coming to Universal Orlando, if not even more including upcoming attractions, hotels, and more. If you haven’t been following Universal news over the past couple years, it hasn’t been a surprise for a long time that Universal was planning a new park on the land they acquired, but many have been wondering when the official announcement would be made.

Back in December 2018, Alicia Stella of Orlando Park Stop posted leaked photos that revealed Universal’s next park name would be Universal’s Fantastic Worlds, corroborating trademarks registered for the same name. It’s possible that Universal will not actually be using this name for the new park, but anything is possible.

In terms of what to expect from the park, Super Nintendo World will be part of it whether it’s just the Super Mario Brothers portion or also the Donkey Kong Country portion. We have been told by two sources in the past that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be included as well as How to Train Your Dragon and Universal Monsters. One source also mentioned an entry area called Celestial Garden with a Greek/Roman aesthetic. Plenty of other websites covering Universal have discussed the inclusion of The Wizarding World, but focusing on Fantastic Beasts, as well as Universal Monsters, so some of these areas could be set in stone, but remain rumors until officially announced.

Stay tuned to hear Universal’s epic announcement on Thursday, August 1.

  • I’m not a Universal park fan, but I am all for competition. Keep Disney and Universal sharp competing for vacation dollars should up the game of both.

    • Michael

      But sadly keep raising the prices. It’s hard at times to root for one or the other. I want all kinds of new innovations in both resorts, but I hate how much prices are rising.

  • Michael Graney

    Prediction. Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Nintendo, and James Bond
    Also i feel like Epic will be somewhere in the new name.

    Of course if I’m wrong, I’ll delete this in true internet fashion HA

    • Michael

      If Fantastic Worlds is the theme then I don’t see bond. More likely, they close an area of the other parks and add in bond attraction or land.

    • DisneyFan

      I would love for a Star Trek themed attraction to be part of a new Universal park. As much as I’ve been a fan of Star Wars, I have way more of an affinity for Star Trek than Star Wars and I’ve always wonder why no Star Trek attraction(s) in a major theme park anywhere. Also, a Lord of the Rings attraction would definitely be a welcome addition.

  • Shakespeare Bronte

    I want a Shakespeare themed land with Romeo and Juliet dark ride, Macbeth coaster and Hamlet 4D simulator ^^

  • theatregeek

    I realize Mario and Donkey Kong are the obvious Nintendo property choices for lands…but Im really hoping they make an immersive area themed after Hyrule. Can you imagine?