Universal Orlando Ticket Prices Increase

Universal Orlando Resort has increased ticket prices today, February 16, 2018. This increase follows the ticket price increase put in place by the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks on February 11, 2018.

Universal Orlando tickets have a tiered pricing structure, meaning their tickets are priced differently on value and standard days. A single-park admission value ticket has increased from $110 to $115, and a park-to-park one-day value ticket has increased from $165 to $170.

At this time the single-park admission and a park-to-park one-day standard tickets have remained the same price at $124 and $179 respectively.

  • Jonathon

    A fraction of the charm and experience of Disney.

    • Smiley_face

      It’s literally a $5 dollar increase, one less venti mocha foamy thing at Starbucks

  • Tomgg

    Both Univeral and Disney literally received billions in tax exclusions recently, what have they done to stimulate the economy and bring about trickle down economics? The bought back their stock and raised the price of park tickets. Oh they did toss a bone to thier employees, a raise? Don’t be silly….a one time very meager bonus.

  • Rose Hirsch

    Not surprised. When one raises prices, the others follow suit. Sea World should be next.