Universal Now Charging $2 for Large Lockers While Riding

Back in the summer, Universal starting changing up their lockers at select attractions to now include two different sizes – a Standard Locker and a Large Locker. At the attractions with both sizes, guests now have to pay $2 while riding the attraction, while the smaller sized locker remains free. Prior to the changes, the large lockers were free during the duration of any attraction that doesn’t allow bags on the ride.


Using crude calculations from the measure app on an iPhone, the opening of the small locker is approximately 5″ x 13″ and the large locker is approximately 10″ x 12″. The large locker will be able to accommodate larger bags easier, but the small lockers can still hold a lot with some precision packing. Obviously cups would have to be empty and sideways to fit. Popcorn buckets can fit as well with the lid removed and the proper approach, but this will surely affect you if you overpack when visiting the theme parks.


There are options rather than paying the $2 for the large locker. First, you could consider renting one of the lockers at the front of the park for the entire day. It will cost you around $10 dollars, but if you frequent attractions where you’ll need a large locker then it could save money in the long run. The second, option is doing a bag swap – same concept as a child swap, but with a bag instead.

If you would like to voice your concern about the new locker policy at Universal Orlando, you can stop by Guest Services at the parks to leave feedback, email them by visiting this website – http://www.visitorsatisfaction.com/contactus/, or you can call them at (407) 224-4233 during park hours.

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