Universal Fined Over $10,000 By OSHA for Employee’s Death

On November 8, 2016, Leopoldo Buenaventura, a 60-year-old Universal Orlando ride technician, passed away after being electrocuted while working on the Men in Black: Alien Attack attraction. Now, “the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued two citations for serious violations and another for a minor one,” which in total, will cost more than $10,000 in fines for Universal. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Universal has not appealed the citation, but at this point, they still have time to do so.

Fall protection was not provided and metal studs were used to help walk around the catwalk above the attraction. These improper methods were one of the fines that OSHA issued, which was set at $5,432. Additionally, the lack of space for the ride technicians to enter and exit the catwalk is what caused OSHA to fine an additional $5,432. These violations need to be paid for by Universal by June 21.

Universal declined to talk deeply on the issue, but spokesman Tom Schroder simply stated in an email, “The safety of our team members and guests is always our top priority and we take these matters very seriously, but we are not going to discuss the specifics of this situation.”

Credit: Orlando Sentinel

  • Mike Gillispie

    I have a question about the Universal theme Parks, and would appreciate an honest answer. I’ve gone to the movies there a few times and each time I hear the rock music very very loud as you walk from the parking garage to he theater. I’ve watched videos of the dies and here the rock music blasting in th background. I admit to being a senior but I love rock. However, it’s that constant rock that has kept me from going to the theme parks and purchasing an annual pass. Does the rock music play loudly through out the theme parks? Thank you?

    • Katie

      I don’t live near the parks and think I know which theater you are referring to, but I am almost positive the loud rock music you are hearing at that theater (if it is the one I am thinking of) is coming from the Hard Rock Café down the way from your theater. I have only been to the US/IOA parks a handful of times but I don’t remember much loud music other than that coming off the US rides and it is fleeting (as the ride starts or ends) and mostly on the ride itself if at all. I know the Harry Potter sides have nothing other than the HP theme musics and then the IOA has no loud rock music that I can think of. I may be wrong though and someone on here who attends more frequently will know the answer. I just thought I would answer in case no one else does. I am almost 100% certain what you are hearing is coming from the HR Café though. I am sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    • Milly Jane

      The different areas of the park have themed music to those areas of the park. It’s not just loud music. The ambient music/noise at Universal is amazing.

  • Cory

    Ooh, $10,000. That’ll teach them a lesson. That’s a smaller fine than NBA players get for saying a referee made a bad call.

  • I’m wondering how there wasn’t a fine for being electrocuted–unless it was the fall that killed the man. Not being a safety expert or understanding the ride, if the equipment was locked and tagged out, no power should have been able to flow.
    These two fines don’t address how he got electrocuted in the first place.
    Very sorry for his family and friends. We all should be able to come home from work

  • Jason Honingford

    So what happened? What’s wrong with metal studs?

  • stephanie

    That is what a life is worth to OSHA.

  • Betty Dulasky

    The fines are what OSHA requires, for the VIOLATION. I would think, that with those fines, a Family Member would choose to sue, for wrongful death. That would be separate from the $10,000, that OSHA requires!I am not an electrician, but I think the metal studs are not suppose to be used in that area, as they WOULD conduct electricity! And not standing up for Universal…..but ALL Parks have had death or seriously injured Cast Members, not just Universal.