Universal Announces New Addition – Universal’s Epic Universe

Today, during a press conference at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, Comcast Corporation Chairman and CEO Brian L. Roberts announced the newest addition coming to the Universal Orlando Resort – Universal’s Epic Universe. The new addition is set to add 14,000 jobs to Central Florida with a minimum base rate pay of $15 per hour, according to Richard Bilbao of the Orlando Business Journal. This will be on top of the 25,000 people that Universal Orlando already employs.


The new project will be built on the land south of Universal Orlando’s current campus that Universal sold off and reacquired. According to Dewayne Bevil of the Orlando Sentinel, Universal’s Epic Universe is about 12 minutes away on what they are deeming the South Campus. Bevil also reported that Universal is pushing hard to get a stop on the Virgin Train that is coming to Central Florida. According to Universal Orlando, the new property will feature a theme park, entertainment center, hotels, shops, restaurants, and more. All of this will be located within a larger 750-acre site that will nearly double Universal’s total available acreage.


As of now, there is no timeframe on the project and mention of which properties will be included in the park. Currently, the biggest rumors point towards Super Nintendo World, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Fantastic Beasts), Universal Monsters, and How to Train Your Dragon.

In regards to the project, Tom Williams, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Universal Parks & Resorts said, “Our vision for Epic Universe is historic. It will build on everything we have done and become the most immersive and innovative theme park we have ever created. It is an investment in our business, our industry, our team members and our community.” Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Comcast Corporation Brian L. Roberts said, “Our new park represents the single-largest investment Comcast NBCUniversal has made in its theme park business and in Florida overall. It reflects the tremendous excitement we have for the future of our theme park business and for our entire company’s future in Florida.”

Here’s a look at the full concept art for Universal’s Epic Universe!


Source: Orlando Business Journal / Orlando Sentinel

  • Brad Barefoot

    Congrats to Universal Orlando ! Had heard a rumor about “Star Trek” being a part of this … Make It So Universal !

    • CommonSense033

      Star Trek is dead. The youth demographic has zero interest in it. Beyond’s noisy action movie formula was a failure, and Discovery’s dark, vicious universe isn’t anything anyone would want to visit.

      • englishharbours

        Says who?

  • theatregeek

    The lower left land definitely looks like Nintendo, complete with warp pipe entrance! Above that, drenched in purple lights, could be the rumored Universal Monsters land. Then a Fantastic Beasts area on the upper right. The bottom right land could be anything, but the coaster could be a How to Train Your Dragon coaster. Don’t know if the whole land will be themed to HTTYD or if its a general Dreamworks Animation area.

  • Lisa

    It would be really great if they would have some sort of Universal transportation to/from the new South Campus. Maybe a monorail or Harry Potter-esque type train?

    • Sean

      That’s actually why I really don’t think Harry Potter will be part of this park. They need something that will draw visitors to the other two older parks which really don’t have much of a draw right now (besides Harry Potter, their recent rides have been real misses). And right now the emphasis on Harry Potter World has been a seamless, immersive experience. Even when you go park to park for Harry Potter, it doesn’t feel like it. It would totally break the immersion to go from Harry Potter in the old parks to Harry Potter in the new park by hopping on a tram…

    • Alex

      A previously announced extension of Kirkman Road (south of Sand Lake Road) includes a dedicated bus lane. At this point, I wouldn’t hold your breath for any transportation other than buses.

  • InspectorGeneral22

    I REALLY want the Universal Monsters area. Our family LOVES Monsters Café and the make-up show and would be so happy to see them integrate those classic movie gems into the parks again. (as a side note – miss the days of Hitchcock’s exhibit / show and seeing the Bates House in the distance at the Orlando park).

  • Alex G

    Nice to see SOMEONE adding park gates instead of add-ons.

  • CommonSense033

    There’s a low income ethnic neighborhood right against the top edge of the new property. Too bad for them, I guess, that’s likely going to be forced out.

  • Theme Park Vets

    It sounds really cool. I can’t wait for it to open. I really like nintendo and how to train your dragon.

  • mytrek

    Wow, this sounds great!! Nice to have something new in the neighborhood instead of just more “give me your money after-hours” events.