TripAdvisor honors Islands of Adventure as the world’s top theme park

Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure beat out the other Central Florida theme parks to be considered the top theme park in the world in TripAdvisor’s 2015 Travelers’ Choice awards. Coming in second was SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove, who was honored in the top spot last year. The Walt Disney World parks came in just a little lower: Magic Kingdom was number 3 and Disney’s Hollywood Studios was number 5. Number six was Universal Orlando’s other park, Universal Studios Florida. Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World were numbers 4 and 6 on the list of top 10 water parks.

These awards are chosen yearly from reviews left by TripAdvisor users.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

  • Goofy_Guy

    What is the judgement criteria, highest bidder, random choice out of a hat? Since when is a water park considered a Theme Park? Sure, Disney themes the hell out of these water parks, but what about Animal Kingdom?

    • Zombabe

      The water parks list was separate from the theme parks.

    • KJEB

      I agree, what is the criteria? I was not that impressed with Islands of Adventure. It “looks” amazing and magical but the rides themselves are not that great – and neither is the overall customer service or way that the park is run. It looks magical but doesn’t feel magical. Disney does both.

  • Zombabe

    Rightfully deserved. I hope that TDO is paying close attention to this. I would never put DHS above USO though, especially not in it’s current, abysmal state.

    • mickeypluto1990


  • NEN

    Not a Universal Theme Park fan myself but hopefully DHS or whatever they decide to name it, can aspire to this someday. With Star Wars Land, and a, never say never,Cars Land, it certainly would be possible. Animal Kingdom with the new upcoming additions is another possibility.

  • horcrux34

    Yea what criteria are they using here, lol. I would put USO above IOA, USO has way more big headliner attractions that are fun, all of Diagon Alley, Transformers, Despicable Me, all of Simpson’s land was done very well, Men in Black, the Mummy, lots of stuff there, versus just the Harry Potter castle area, Spiderman, and Jurassic Park in IOA. I think a much better ranking would have Magic Kingdom and USO rivaling for the top spot, with Epcot and IOA rivaling for the next two spots.

    • Monica Fintel

      Totally agree! And DHS has no business even being in top 10 with all the closures and nothing new. Heck our Silver Dollar City has great theming and one of the top new coasters in the country-better than the shadow that DHS is today.
      We spent far more time in USO than IOA this past June

  • Phil

    Maybe it won because it does not have cranes up in the park or walls for construction all the time.

  • MrNico

    What a load of crap.