The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad is Closing September 15

It was first reported yesterday on the Inside Universal forums that The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad stunt show at Islands of Adventure would be closing this fall and we have no confirmed with a unique source at Universal Orlando that this is accurate. According to the original poster at Inside Universal, the cast and technicians were called in on August 16 for a mandatory meeting, which pointed towards the closure of the show. This morning, our source confirmed that it is now common knowledge at Universal Orlando and is entirely true.

If you’ve never experienced The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad in The Lost Continent, you’re not missing much. The show is downright terrible and has always felt like it belonged in a time capsule from the late ’90s. It hasn’t felt like it has a place in the park in many years, if ever, and its closure will hopefully lead to something better in the future. Get in your last shows now, because soon Sindbad will be gone forever. This has not been officially announced by Universal Orlando at this time.

  • WickedWood04

    This was the worst show I have ever seen in a theme park

    • discorules

      Worse than the auto stunt show at DHS? Worse than Finding Nemo at DAK?

      • WickedWood04

        I honestly liked those. This thing literally put me to sleep which should be tough to do being a stunt show.

  • Jeffrey Glenn

    We went when the park first opened. It was an alright show, not great, but not terrible either. The best part was when the guy did the fire stunt where he is burning all over.