‘Stranger Things’ is Returning for 2019 Halloween Horror Nights

Those attending the 2019 Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando are in for an all-new Stranger Things haunted house where they will travel back to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana through some of the most terrifying scenes from Stranger Things 2 and 3.

Guests will come up close and personal with snarling Demodogs as they make their way through iconic scenes and locations such as Chief Hopper’s cabin and the Starcourt Mall.

This new version of the Stranger Things haunted house will also be coming to Universal Studios Hollywood.

The 2019 Halloween Horror Nights event promises ten haunted houses, five scare zones, and live entertainment that has yet to be revealed.

  • Would love some feedback on horror nights from any older folks that go. We are a senior couple and always do Disney but are looking for an alternative this year.

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