Rumor: Wet ‘n Wild’s land to become a value Universal Orlando Hotel

Universal Orlando Resort is expanding quickly, and rumors are now swirling that the 50 acres of land where the now-closed Wet ’n Wild is located will become a massive hotel.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, “there are requests for proposals out to various design/engineering and build firms to get feedback on the potential for a new upper scale hotel of up to 4,000 guest rooms with the feel of Walt Disney World’s All-Star resorts.

Universal hasn’t confirmed this rumor, and a spokesperson said that “there is no timeline on when the company will reveal its plans for the land.”

The hotel would be an economical option for Universal vacationers. The goal of the hotel would be to offer rooms around $100 per night, while still offering many of the amenities of the other Universal hotels. The potential resort hotel would have to transport guests over to the main resort area where the other resorts, CityWalk, and parks are. A transportation service would be necessary as the land of the former-Wet n’ Wild water park is near a high traffic area that includes Universal Boulevard and Interstate 4.

The Orlando Business Journal points out exactly how massive an undertaking by Universal this truly would be. A 4,000-room resort would be enormous in only 50 acres of space, and therefore would most likely have to be much taller than Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort. For reference, Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort, which has 1,800 rooms, is held on about 40 acres. This would more than double the amount of rooms on only 10 more acres.

Credit: Orlando Business Journal

  • Alex G

    That’s a good location for a value resort. We stay at a hotel just past wet and wild if it’s close enough for us to comfortably walk to Universal, its definitely close enough for a value hotel.

  • warren Theater

    no its going to be Volcano Bay according to Universal.

    • Robert Cousins

      is this a joke I dont get or are you confused?

      • warren Theater

        Universal says they are building Volcano Bay water park on the land not a value resort

        • Andy

          I think you mis-understand. Volcano Bay was already well underway when Wet n’ Wild closed. The land where Wet N’ Wild was isn’t going to be developed as Volcano Bay.