Nintendo coming to life at Universal Parks

Just less than a day after announcing Skull Island: Reign of Kong at Universal Orlando, Universal Parks & Resorts announces a partnership with Nintendo to bring the video game company’s most famous characters and games to life as major attractions. As far as gaming goes, nothing is more iconic and classic than the world of Nintendo, making this agreement a massive deal for Universal.

Bringing in outside intellectual properties has brought Universal Parks & Resorts a ton of success including the massively popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, The Simpsons and so much more to both Orlando and Hollywood.


No future plans or projects have been announced at this point and there is no timetable for when a major attraction will see the light of day at any of the Universal Parks around the world. Furthermore, there was no information on whether or not Nintendo would be apart of Universal Studios Japan, Singapore or Beijing, which are licensed but not owned by Comcast NBCUniversal, but it would be incredibly stupid for Universal to not take advantage of Nintendo attractions in Asia, especially Japan.

With the reach of Nintendo through multiple generations at this point, Universal should have another huge victory in the future.

Photo: Nintendo

  • Sam Vigorito

    They’re gonna need more hotel rooms. This is great.

  • Shaun Bolen

    Disney better get there crap together and start making some announcements. I stillthink they are waiting for D23

    • Craig Williams

      Considering Disney Parks will be having a panel this year at the Expo, they will most likely announce some big news. Probably Star Wars.

  • William Hammock

    I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the rumored re-theming of Marvel Superhero Island. I could envision Hulk being themed to Metroid. If Marvel leaves Universal, I wonder what happens to Spider-Man? I guess that attraction could always be converted to a Mario attraction of some sorts. I hope Spidey stays though! I could also see Universal gutting the Comic Strips area for a Nintendo land.

    • Craig Williams

      I think the first logical spot would be gutting Woody Woodpecker’s Kid Zone, but it all depends on whether Universal decides to do an attraction or two or if they are expanding into a whole Nintendo land. If the latter is the case then I could definitely see Nintendo fitting in over at Islands of Adventure.

    • haunted freak

      Why does Marvel have rides at Universal when it is Disney’s property?

      • JC

        Universal got the rights to use them in their parks WAYY before Disney bought Marvel.
        But their rights are limited to the comic book likenesses, rather than the cinematic ones.

    • Josh Grigg

      Wishful thinking. There is no rumored re-themeing of Marvel at Universal because Universal just has to maintain and occasionally update it to keep the license in perpetuity. Universal isn’t just going to role over and give Disney, their cross-town rival, a weapon to draw guest away from them.

      • William Hammock

        I have read about the Universal contracts pertaining to maintaining the Marvel stuff. I do remember reading though a few weeks ago that there were rumors about Universal and Disney making some sort of deal to get some or all of the theme park character rights back. There was talk of at least rethemeing Hulk and removing Doctor Doom completely. I know Universal likes making money off of Marvel’s recent success but I think Nintendo properties could be a worthy theme park draw replacement to what they currently have if they put enough creativity and effort into new attractions. I think the smart thing to do would be replace Toon Lagoon, Lost Continent, or like Craig commented the Woody Woodpecker Kid Zone.

  • David D.

    Skull Island: Reign of Donkey Kong, anybody? (laughs to self)

  • haunted freak

    Disney is going to be number two pretty soon especially after the stuff Eisner did in Epcot to the Universe of Enegry ride.


    Make more Hotels! Awesome! I love Nintendo!

  • Calanial

    This move may just steal our vacation deals from Disney. We love Nintendo!

    Hey Universal….get Pokemon, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z while you’re at it.