“Jurassic Park – The Ride” in Hollywood is Closing This September

Universal has announced that “Jurassic Park – The Ride” at Universal Studios Hollywood will be closing on September 3, 2018 in preparation for the “Jurassic World Ride” that will open in 2019. Thus, “Jurassic Park – The Ride” begins its countdown to extinction. “Jurassic Park – The Ride” has been operating now for 22 years at Universal Studios Hollywood and it is never abnormal to hop on the ride and see multiple effects not working properly. However, Universal has promised that the new attraction will be a “next generation experience that’s  even more immersive and technologically advanced.” Just like the movie Jurassic World, the new ride “will pay homage to Jurassic Park and will reimagine this landmark film franchise for theme park guests.” It’s also worth noting that Jurassic Outfitters and Jurassic Cove will close and reopen with new experiences along with the new attraction.

The official Universal Studios Hollywood site adds:

In 2019, face Indominus rex when she makes her world premiere in the new, high-tech Jurassic World. Journey to where living dinosaurs roam the earth in the part expedition, part heart-pounding water ride based on the blockbuster film franchise.

On this river-raft adventure, get doused as a colossal Mosasaursus dives for its great white shark snack. But the real danger lies ahead when the brutal Indominus rex escapes its enclosure. Be prepared when a 50-foot Tyrannosaurs rex comes to your rescue… right before your final plunge down a treacherous 84-foot waterfall.

There you have it – time is running out to see “Jurassic World – The Ride” before it evolves. Of course, a great way to celebrate Jurassic Park and “Jurassic Park – The Ride” is by attending the Jurassic Park 25th Celebration after hours event that still has availability for Sunday, May 13, 2018. Otherwise, make sure you get to “Jurassic Park – The Ride” before it goes extinct on September 3, 2018.

Jurassic World Ride coming to USH 2019 - teaser image (tag)-1

*Edited to include updated information

  • Sean

    “Technologically advanced.” You know what that means.

    Jurassic World: Now With More Screens!

    • sheeple

      Sadly, I believe you are correct. I have been on the Florida version of this ride several times, and despite obvious maintenance issues, I always like it because it has physical sets and creatures. This new ride sounds like a bunch of digital 3-D dinosaurs “attacking” the guests.

    • SweetCaroline


  • MrNico

    I still can’t believe they made yet another movie. I mean, Starlord is cool and Bryce Dallas Howard is incredibly hot, but really?

    • Laurel Lane

      It never ends….much like the Star Wars franchise….

      • MrNico

        Bite yer tongue, ye dirty heretic!

        • Laurel Lane

          That made me laugh!

  • Luek David Grainger

    Once they stopped the Ford Explorer from falling into the water you knew something was about to happen to the ride. :(