Confirmed: Comcast Corp. purchases 475-acres close to Universal Orlando Resort

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.00.39 PM

Though it’s been widely rumored for the past few months, it’s now official that Comcast Corp., the parent company of Universal Orlando, has purchased a 475-acre plot of land “adjacent to an existing theme park”. They paid $130 million for the Universal Boulevard property.

Plans for the land haven’t yet been released. Comcast said “the land is a real strategic acquisition for the long term down the road.” The Orlando Business Journal notes that the amount of land purchased would be enough room for “multiple new parks, hotels and even space for backstage operations.”

The purchase was confirmed during a 2015 year-end earnings call.

(h/t – Orlando Business Journal)

  • kmk1180

    I’m confused. The photo of land you show in the photo is no where near Universal studios property. But you state “has purchased a 475-acre plot of land “adjacent to an existing theme park”. So if it’s the land in the photo, how is is considered adjacent? or not where is the land they purchased?

    • Jeffrey Glenn

      The Lockheed property (pictured) is less than 2 miles from Universal property along Universal Blvd. I think they just showed this particular tract of land because it’s the biggest open space nearby and they must have assumed that’s where it is. No press release I’ve seen tells the exact location of the land purchase and “adjacent to an existing theme park” may be a loose term for the general location.

      • Tom Rodgers

        it looks like sea world is near