No Selfie Sticks!

Once upon a time, there was a man named Hal. Hal loved Universal and selfie sticks! Most of all, Hal loved taking pictures of himself at Universal with his selfie stick!


Hal was always up for an adventure as long as he had his trusty selfie stick with him.


However, Hal also was known to be a troublemaker and go places he wasn’t supposed to go.


One particular adventure led Hal to Soundstage 21.


Inside Soundstage 21, Hal found what appeared to be the 25 Years of  Monsters and Mayhem house for Halloween Horror Nights!


Hal considered himself lucky, because inside he found none other than Jack the Clown!


Hal knew there was no one else out there that could spread happiness and joy more than Jack the Clown.


But the Jack the Clown stole Hal’s selfie stick and that made Hal sad.


Hal’s sadness turned to fear after he realized he wasn’t getting back his beloved selfie stick.


Hal must’ve told Jack he could only have his selfie stick if he pried it from his cold dead hands…


And that was the last anyone had ever heard from Hal… until now! Today at the door, there was a box…


And inside the box was a bloody towel…


And inside the towel was a severed hand with an invitation to fun…


Grasping a selfie stick like the one that Hal loved.


And on the phone that was on the stick were pictures of Hal’s last Universal trip.


Here is the lesson at the very end – September 18 HHN officially begins!

P.S. Jack asks kindly that you leave your selfie sticks at home.


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